Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What to do: OUTLOOK 2013 + IMAP accounts drafts folder has ghost messages ....

We got a resolution for the emails not being able to be deleted from the DRAFTS folder in Outlook 2013 when using IMAP accounts..

 We tried  many "fixes" for this Outlook 2013 IMAP DRAFTS folder issue.

Situations were you might just have moved from Windows Vista/Outlook 2007 to Windows 8.1/Outlook 2013.If you are experiencing  that emails remain stuck in the DRAFTS folder after sending the email for which the email was a draft.

Deleting, moving the emails all resulted in unexpected behaviors, in each case, copies would show up in the DELETED or other folders but the original email would remain in the DRAFTS folder. We did not see this type of issues when using Windows Vista and Outlook 2007.

We were skeptical that the recommended Microsoft fix would work and concerned that we could lose some email in the process. However, it did work just fine and our email files are fine.

The answer from Microsoft for this issue or fix is:
  1. Open "Account Settings"
  2. Highlight the IMAP account you were having problems with
  3. Choose "Change" on that menu (opens the "Change Account" window).
    Everything on this screen should be fine
  4. Click on "More settings..." (it opens the "Internet Email Settings" window)
  5. Go to the the "Advanced" tab
  6. Go to the "Folders" section of the window
  7. In the field following "Root folder path"...type in the word "inbox"
  8. Choose "OK" (closes the "Internet Email Settings" window)
  9. Click "Next" in the "Change Account" window
    (opens the "Test Account Settings" window and run a test)
  10. Close the the "Test Account Settings" window
  11. Click "Finish"
  12. Close the "Account Settings" window
  13. Close and reopen Outlook.
I suggest you close Outlook in step 13.

So, we closed Outlook, reopened it, and the DRAFTS folder was empty.

All should work fine now. My DRAFTS folder will be empty when it is supposed to be and had contents when it should. On an additional note, you can now test to save some emails to DRAFTS and see if they they are persisting in DRAFTS until you reopen and send them or or until you specifically delete them from DRAFTS.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Top 7 SEO Trends Dominating 2014

Every now and then, search engine giants like Google make changes on factors considered for websites to rank higher on their search engines. SEO services are becoming more expensive as businesses try to keep up with the ever changing SEO landscape. The following are the top 7 SEO trends dominating 2014:

1.       Content Remains King: Good, unique content is a very sure way of providing SEO value for any online business. In addition to doing blog posts, add videos, infographics and podcasts that can help you gain visitor-engagements and ultimately value in SEO.

2.       Semantic And Conversational Search: As this new feature gains momentum and sophistication in Google searches, businesses will have to figure out how to make it work for their advantage.

3.       Importance Of Social Media Is Rising: Positive signals on social media are now affecting businesses’ ranking on search engines. This is especially true with Google Plus.

4.       Go Mobile or Go Under: Today, optimizing your website for mobile devices is not optional; it is a must. Google is now adding value to those websites that have a friendly experience on mobile devices.

5.       Be Rewarded For Building A Brand: Google now prefers building a brand to building links. The stronger your brand, the better your ranking on Google search will be. Any company offering SEO services now has to incorporate brand building more prominently in the client’s SEO strategy.

6.       Content Marketing Is the Way to Go: A strategy in content marketing is geared towards building your site’s exposure for numerous keywords without neglecting the need to build credibility, authority, and brand awareness.

7.       Guest-Blogging Redefined: Today, it 's no longer smart to do guest blogging just to get links. You now have to contribute excellent content while guest blogging for it to have significance in your SEO value.
To make head way in SEO this year, a business must contract SEO services that will ensure that these emerging trends are prominently featured in its SEO strategy.

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