Saturday, 31 December 2016

The importance of having a mobile friendly website

More and more people are now using mobile phones to shop and interact online. What this means for you is that if you don’t have a mobile friendly website you are losing a lot of leads. It is very important that you pay a web development company to convert your website and make it mobile friendly. Failing to do this will cost you a lot. Think for a minute about how many Sheffield residents have mobile phones and tablets – almost everyone, right? That means that if every time everyone tries to raise your website on their phones and fails they are going straight to your competition.

If you hire the right mobile friendly web development service they will not just optimise your website for you. They will audit it to see if there are any additional improvements that they can make in order to bring you more leads. These audits are standard. If the audit reveals any additional problems you should be very keen to fix them. Keep in mind that Google rewards websites that have a mobile friendly version available. By optimising yours you will gain several points in ranking. Is there any particular Sheffield web development company that comes preferred for this job?

As a matter of fact there is – Total SEO Services. This is a company that has been serving businesses like yours in Sheffield and the surrounding areas for several years. They have all the necessary expertise and experience to optimize your website the right way. They are well known for getting their clients results. In fact, they are happy to give prospective clients references so that they can hear what others have to say. Their customer service is also legendary – they do not leave until the client is happy with the results that they were seeking.

The process that Total SEO Services uses is designed to keep things simple for their clients. When you get in touch with them the first thing that they will want to do is understand what you are looking to gain – in this case it will be optimising your website to become mobile friendly. They will also talk to you about any other problems that you may be having. Before they embark on the optimisation they will evaluate your site to see if there are any other improvements that can be made on it – oftentimes there are. This way they can make all the changes at once. They work fast to make sure that you see results as soon as possible.

You can find out more about Total SEO Services on their website,

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The benefits of having your bespoke client database

The best way that any organization can keep up-to-date information and data on customers is by maintaining a customer database.  A customer database provides the company with access to the clients, encourages repeat business, and builds loyalty. A customer database includes information that is gathered from each person or customer. It contains information like the names, address, e-mail address, and phone number.

The Benefits of a Customer Database
It offers a platform through which businesses ask their customers questions that assist them in providing better services.  By this, the database not only keeps valuable information about the customer but also assist the business in identifying ways in which to improve and better meet the needs of the customers.

A database helps in maintaining contact with the customers.
This is a great way to building customer loyalty and repeat business. Customers that are consistent, as well as repeat customers, can be quickly pointed out and contacted and given special offers that are targeted towards active customers. It also assists in identifying customers who haven’t made any purchases for a long while or who have made a single purchase. This helps in selecting groups of clients that can be sold to specific offers to entice them back.

A database provides access to contact information
This makes it easy for tracking down of customers, confirmation of appointments, and customers to be reached. With the customer information stored in the customer database, calls be made and emails delivered with much ease.

You will need to hire a web development and design company to create the customer database for you. Total SEO Services have the potential of creating a bespoke client database.  These agents assess your customer data that your company stores, the products, and services that you offer and from this information work in close collaboration with you to create a platform that can increase the productivity of your employees.

Some of the services available at Total SEO Services include the following:

Secure hosting
They can host your Client Management System Software on their secure server. They have multiple online backup servers and connections on different internet lines ensuring that your database is always accessible. They ensure that all data is encrypted to ensure its safety.

Automated Workflow Management
The developers at Total SEO design a workflow that matches the logic of your site.  They incorporate a forced workflow in your management software ensuring that all tasks are carried out in the right manner.

Automated Generation of Standard Documents
It allows you to generate standard letters automatically whenever you need them.  This Ensures letters or files sent have the right dates or being written in the wrong customer folder.

For client database building works, do not hesitate to call the experts at Total SEO services.  They have the knowledge on what needs to be done to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from the database

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Database driven websites - how to structure your URLs

Database driven websites get information from the database and insert that content into the web page each time they are loaded. Through programming, the web page gets connected to the database. A change of information on the database automatically leads to the variation of the same on the web page. This is an automated process that does not require the intervention of a human.

The most common scenario of a database-driven website is online banking. You can view your bank account balance by logging in to your account. All your account information is stored in a database and is programmed to connect to the web page allowing you view your banking information.  

Database-driven websites store all information in table format of databases on the server. The script then generates pages that are displayed on the site as usual HTML.  These sites have an admin panel that has an interface that is user-friendly allowing you to manage the content of the site easily/. You can add content, edit or remove it by yourself, create new pages or delete the out-dated ones.

Benefits of Database Driven Websites
As a business owner, there are numerous benefits that you will reap from using a database driven website. As mentioned earlier, you can quickly and easily change the contents of the site as well as add or make changes to the products in case of an e-commerce website.

It also has a benefit in that the user can easily navigate. It also offers you with the ability to engage customers both existing and potential by creating social platforms like community blogs and forums.

Additionally, there are other numerous SEO benefits linked to having an individual web page for every product. For instance, it is possible to share, link or bookmark a page individually and therefore drawing traffic on its own.

For database driven websites sheffield, Total SEO Services has the solution. They have qualified personnel that will build a database driven website that has a high performance as well as one that is well ranked in the top search engines. The experts here ensure that they plan a database structure that will be created alongside your website.
Some of the features of a database are driven website has included URLS that are rich in keywords that are automatically generated each time a new product is added to the site.  It also has an intelligent search functionality which allows the users to filter, search and sort the products based on the database stored information.  The experts at Total SEO can also generate dynamic product feeds. These can be updated in real time and ensure that there are no incorrect prices quoted or items that are out of stock included. They also create user accounts for your customers.

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