Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What does Web Development entail?

Total SEO Services continues to be an industry leader in Sheffield web design services. With a talented team of designers, social media gurus, content specialists, and marketing professionals – we can truly take your business, site, and brand to new heights in any industry. As your Sheffield web development experts, we understand the importance of SEO in meeting or exceeding Google updates and White Hat criteria. This is why we develop sites that are search engine friendly, along with mobile and social media ready. With Sheffield SEO services, you can remain competitively viable in your respective niche or sector. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to schedule a complimentary consultation and let us put your ideas into fruition.

Web development is an intricate and detailed process. In fact, it involves an initial consultation, which enables our team to understand your overall goals and aspirations. We then formulate strategic plans of action, which include gripping templates that establish uniformity and consistency in design. The web development process also includes eye-catching graphics, business logos, promotional videos, and content that is easy to scan and digest – while effectively marketing your products and services to mass, core or niche audiences. In addition, we strive to ensure your message gets across to new and existing customers, while ensuring higher conversion rates and recurring web traffic across the board. Web development services also include but are not limited to:

·         Ensuring all sites are mobile ready – this includes responsive web design which reshuffles content when accessed by mobile devices.

·         Site submissions on Google, along with strategic keyword and SEO content analysis and assessment. Total SEO Services also handles web marketing, advertising, and social media integration for all new and existing clients.

·         Content creation that is easy to scan and digest. This includes web content, blog posts, social media profiles, marketing materials, brochures, advertising campaigns, and much more.

·         Innovative web design that effectively attracts and engages new customers and visitors. This helps increase leads, profits, and revenue. It also helps increase conversion rates, along with recurring web traffic for maximum visibility and brand awareness.

With years of extensive industry experience, Total SEO Services had and continues to meet the web development needs of countless brands, clients and companies. We can truly help your business grow and expand in any respective industry, niche, or sector. We also go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure all your specific needs and requests are met within a timely and professional manner. With the new digital age, you need a trusted and reputable SEO agency to handle all your website and marketing needs. For more information, simply contact us today or visit the link below for Total SEO services guaranteed!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Getting a website through Total SEO Services

Total SEO Services is an industry leader in professional Sheffield web design services. With a talented team of web designers, each site we create is completely bespoke to each customer. Whether for new sites or to enhance existing ones, we have the tools and expertise to propel your brand to new heights in any industry. Our SEO specialists also ensure your sites are optimized for mobile and social readiness, which are essential for meeting or exceeding Google White Hat techniques. With complimentary consultations, our dedicated web designers, social media experts, marketing professionals, and content specialists are committed to excellence in all Sheffield SEO packages and services.

The Total SEO Way
Total SEO can formulate strategic marketing and advertising campaigns for all new and existing brands. In fact, we have built over 400,000 pages with captivating and compelling content for clients. We also feature a large database of focus-driven and results-orientated websites for one and all. From vibrant and eye-catchy graphics to a full range of customized templates – each site we create is designed to secure optimal visibility across Google and vast digital networks. We also oversee each step of the process with a strong eye for detail – and only move from design to development when the client is completely happy and satisfied with our work. As always, all sites feature responsive web design, which automatically reshuffles content when accessed by wireless, mobile and digital devices. Our SEO services also include:

·         Content creation – gripping content that is easy to scan and digest. Including web content, social media profiles, blogging, articles, CMS, press releases, marketing materials, brochures, pamphlets, and so much more.

·         Social media integration –ensuring all sites have a strong presence and linkage with your social media pages and platforms. Including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

·         Mobile optimisation – meeting all Google updates with industry-specific, high-quality, and mobile based content for a myriad of devices and units. Including responsive web design, mobile marketing, and strong advertising on local search results, business listings, client testimonials, and industry mentions.

·         Traditional advertising – banners, posters, radio/TV spots, community business board listings, business cards, advertising collateral, and much more.

Get Total Satisfaction
With years of extensive industry experience, Total SEO Services can help your business establish brand validity and mass awareness. We also go those extra miles to ensure all client needs are met within time and budget. With the new digital age upon us, you need a reliable and reputable SEO agency on your side. With just one phone call or e-mail, you can access a wealth of SEO services at cost-affordable rates. For more information, simply contact us today or visit the link below for complete and Total satisfaction!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

SEO campaigns from Total SEO Services

Total SEO Services

Total SEO Services offers the best when it comes to Sheffield SEO campaigns. We help companies to have their website at the top when searched for over the internet. This enables your site have very high traffic and also enables the company to get more leads. We will help your company to rank better on Google and get an increase in the number of visitors to your site.

We create the SEO campaigns specifically for each of our customers and take all the time required to assess the situation of that particular service in the search engine. We integrate frequently searched for words and make your website get higher chances of appearing on the first page of each search engine when a keyword is entered into the search box. We also listen to your demands to ensure that they are put into consideration when we are performing our full SEO service.

Throughout Sheffield, our company has the most experienced developers who can modify your website and make you realise all you ever dreamt for your company. Apart from having the best SEO consultants, we have the most experienced and well-trained developers. They are even able to integrate social media components into your website. These include Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

A lot of people spend much of the day reading posts on Facebook and Twitter and watching videos on YouTube. With a link created between your website and these sites, you can get more visitors. They will be led by the posts you make on your Facebook page, the tweets you make and the videos you post on YouTube.

We perform a thorough analysis on issues that can better the performance of your website, plan on what is to be done and how it is to be done to ensure you get the most traffic and business to your website.

We offer the best services at an affordable price and build links that will make your company remain at the top for a very long time – these links are relevant. We will also make your company receive numerous interviews, news, guest posts as well as launches.
For you to obtain services that will suit your personal needs, contact us and have your SEO Campaigns and full SEO services created by us. You can call us anytime or visit our website: 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Web Design and Development from Total SEO Services

Total SEO Services specializes in innovative and cutting-edge web design. As your web development experts, we feature industry leading teams that create captivating and compelling sites for new and existing brands. With eye-catchy visuals, gripping templates, and uniformity and consistency in design – all sites are optimized for SEO, social, and mobile optimization. With a talented team of web developers, designers, content specialists, and social media gurus – we pay close attention to detail and are true specialists in advanced CSS, HTML, and JQuery. This enables us to create high-performance and scalable websites that are easy to maintain and update. With Total SEO, you get the best websites from the best in the business.

The Total SEO Experience

Total SEO is committed to excellence in all webdesign, social media, and mobile integration services. While other companies only care about the dollar value, Total SEO genuinely cares about each and every client. This is why we develop cost-affordable and strategic marketing and SEO campaigns to help our customers secure brand validity and higher awareness. We also stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments, which help us, offer real-time and proven results for all our new and existing clients. Whether for new websites, enhancement projects, blogging, or social media profiles and marketing – we simply offer a full suite of comprehensive and cohesive services tailor-made to suit each client’s needs.

Web Design Professionals

With the new digital age upon us, today’s websites must be precise, concise, and to the point. In fact, long gone are the days of lengthy content and intricate Flash that would take forever to load. Today’s sites are more streamlined, centralized, and reflective of the current social media and mobile marketing trends. This is why we ensure all sites meet or exceed Google’s White Hat criteria, including embedded and visible links to your social media pages. Our content specialists also create captivating and compelling text that is high-quality, industry relevant, and designed to effectively promote your products, services, and brand to core, niche or mass audiences. We can even integrate promotional videos, along with blogs, social media posts, RSS, and most anything you desire.

Quality and Experience Counts

When it comes to creating high-end websites, you need a company you can rely on. With years of extensive experience, Total SEO is synonymous with quality and experienced services at cost-affordable rates. We also offer complimentary consultations and free quotes for anyone needing professionally designed and optimized sites. If you are struggling to attract new clients and customers, chances are your site is not optimized for SEO. We can revamp, rejuvenate, and revitalize any site – no matter which industry, sector, or niche you serve. For more information on our unsurpassed website and web development services, please visit our site or contact us today and experience the difference!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Are you still running Windows Server 2003?

After July 14, 2015, Microsoft no longer supported Windows Server 2003 operating system. It declared the end of life for Windows Server 2003. Every business needed server operating system upgrades.
After this date, companies running on this server expose themselves to various underlying risks. Foremost your PC was susceptible to dangerous viruses, malicious software, and spyware. Operating on this server means no more security updates. Without this updates, one will not be able to initiate server operating system upgrades which will run you down.

With your computer connected to others, a compromised windows server 2003 operating system will open up your data to be exposed to attacks. When windows server 2003 cycle ended, all companies that continued to use it found out that their virtualized and physical instances of the operating system were not complying with the regulated data mandates. It has an impact on all associated applications and data. If most of the company’s data go through the server, a lot of sensitive customer data is lost leading to broken relationships with relevant partners.

To effectively deal with this and other associated risks, a carefully crafted windows server 2003migration executed, ensuring server operating system upgrades. You will need to move to a Server OS that has third party application support and which meets compliance requirements. That's where we come:

At Total SEO services we offer you a full package of what you will need. We will do the whole windows server 2003 migration with a proper migration plan to enable you to secure your systems without incurring the loss of service. At the same time, we will do an appraisal of the current server and if new hardware is needed, provide a cost-effective way to acquire the replacements while doing server installations capable of processing the work done by the previous one

During this migration, do not worry about downtime in your business, consider it sorted, while doing the server installations, we will ensure continuity of the processes and services. In a situation where your Windows 2003 acts as your single domain controller; we will create a trust correlation kept with the new domain controller by promoting the new server installations correctly. Total SEO boasts expatriates in with Domain Controllers, Active Directory and Folder Redirection. After all, these server installations, we provide the full log of all changes made during the migration.
One thing is clear, the sooner you migrate, the better for you and your business. Take that phone and call us on 01142 667 996. Or you can visit our website

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Wondering why your website isn't ranking in Search Engines? We can Help

SEO Can be flummoxing to say the least sometimes, get in touch and see how we can help 

If you feel like your site is underperforming in Google and the other Search Engines and don't know what else to try, why not take advantage of our free site appraisal?

As part of our standard service on our Intermediate, Full or Advanced SEO Packages, we offer a completely free appraisal of your existing website and provide a comprehensive report detailing how we can be of assistance.

Our SEO Appraisals are not generic, pre-prepared reports designed to scare you into signing up as a client but will be personally created by one of our SEO Specialists. We will spend time investigating what can be done to help your site get results in the fastest time possible and provide details as to which areas we feel we can provide assistance.

The content of your appraisal will be based on our years of experience working with clients in all industries and will provide feedback on all of the following areas:

External Links to Your site & Link Building Strategy
Link building still plays a huge part in how successful your website will be and we have a wealth of knowledge to share that can ensure your strategy is safe and effective

Social Media Integration and Syndication of Content
We will provide advice and recommendations regarding best practices for ensuring your content is seen by as many people as possible - helping you to engage with both existing, and potential customers.

Website Structure, Calls to Action & Ease of Navigation
Sometimes, simply having an independent visitor browse your site can help identify areas that can be tweaked to improve conversion rates. We will provide an honest account of how we found the functionality of your website.

Site Performance & Page Speed
We have a wide selection of tools at our disposal to review the code used to create your website and our Web Developers can provide suggestions regarding areas of your site that can be improved both visually, and in terms of performance.

Keyword Density & Proximity
We will provide you with suggestions as to whether we feel more research is necessary to ensure you are optimising your site for the most effective keywords.

This is just a small selection of the areas we know can have a big difference to how your site ranks in Google and the other Search Engines - Request a SEO Quote and Appraisal for one of our SEO Packages today or call us on 0114 2667 996 for more information.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Client Management Software from Total SEO Services

One of the most common problems that small businesses have to deal with is client management – they have to know who to talk to, when to talk to them, when to invoice them, when to send out statements and so on. The reason why they fail is because they try to do all these things manually – they record things in notebooks or in diaries but they still slip through the cracks. Today, you don’t have to do that anymore. There is web based client management software that can do all these things for you and nothing will be forgotten because it will all be automated.

This kind of software does a wide range of things including issuing invoices, managing client data and sending email or SMS notifications when tasks are due, sending statements to customers and lots more. In fact, you can choose bespoke client management software that is designed to suit the needs of your business. This way you will have all its unique aspects monitored and it will free up your sales people to do actual selling rather than paperwork.

Another reason why you want to buy this kind of software is to ensure that the sales process goes in the correct order. This is something that many businesses struggle with and sometimes even lose clients over. Have you, for example, sold something to a client only to look in your inventory and find that you don’t have it? Did they stick around until you ordered fresh product or did they go to your competition? It happens to businesses all the time. If you have bespoke client software the system will warn you when you are getting low on inventory so that you never run out.

When you are shopping for client management software you should be looking at companies that have a track record in creating bespoke solutions for clients. Total SEO Services is one such company. We are well known for creating software that actually solves problems for businesses. Before we create any software we first talk to you about your business to find out what your process is like and what challenges you are facing. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, we have worked with all kinds of business so you can be sure that we will be able to help you.

To make it easy for our clients we create software that can be accessed from any web browser. You get to have unlimited users without additional costs and you get to dictate who can and cannot access the software. You will also get detailed reports that give you information on all aspects of your business so that you can have better control.

You can find out more about Total SEO Services through our website,